We’ve all been there, “Can I play some music?” “Will you play a song for me?” Snatching the aux cord or struggling to connect to the Bluetooth speaker. Stop. Never again. Enjoy collaborative playlists quickly and easily with Flo Music. Start a Flo. Friends Join your Flo. Request to become a Collaborator. Add songs. Turn up. Repeat.


Hey Artists,  we bet your fans would love to listen-in-live with you when you are listening. When you listen to your; Spotify Premium, Apple Music, SoundCloud through Flo all your fans can join in and enjoy a one of a kind engagement that can be found no where else in the world.


Whether you’re uncertain your music tastes are welcomed by your guests or you’re trying to create a dynamic vibe, Flo Music app makes it possible for everyone to add to the playlists creating a diverse listening experience sure to please.



If you’re the Real Deal Holyfield trying to pursue a career as an artist we’ll invest in you; throw a party, promote your music on our social and in our app, or feature your Flo and pay you for total streams through our app. Contact us today to find out more. [email protected]


If you throw EPIC parties, pictures or it didn’t happen, we would love to add more party to the party; sponsor your event, pick up alcohol or entertainment.


Don’t ask us to take any liability but we’re down to party on your dime and bring the Flo experience to your corporate event. Team building is essential to any company big or small and Flo can do that for your company through music.




Host a Flo through the “Current Flo” or “Discover” tabs. Invite friends you follow and they will automatically become “Collaborators” and able to put on music.


 Join a Flo by invitation or find a public Flo in “Discover.”  You can invite your friends to Join and request to become a Collaborator so you can put on songs too.


Get in on the fun and add your music to the Flo playlist, be careful though, the Host can boot you from the Flo.


My friends are always arguing over who gets to play music and now we’ve got that problem solved thanks to Flo. We all agree that our playlist is much sicker than any one of ours alone.

Garritt MorahanChicago, IL

I throw parties every weekend and no matter what kind of music I put on there’s always someone who doesn’t like it or wants to play their music. Flo means that all I have to do is tell them to join and add and everything works out 100%.

Carla NorriegaTempe, AZ

My best friends all went to different colleges and we do our best to stay in touch. Flo means that we can listen to music together when we’re apart and it makes us feel like we’re still right by each other’s side again.

Katherine RogersDallas, TX

It’s only a matter of time until Drake is on this B***h and we’re all partying along with him on a Friday.

Nick GelsimonoPhiladelphia, PA

My brother deployed to the Middle East 3 months ago and we use Flo to chill and listen to the tunes we used to when he was back here.

Angela GarzaSan Antonio, TX

We’re always taking road trips and passing my phone around so everyone could DJ sucked, until now. You a G Flo.

Jarrod Jamison, Jacksonville, FL


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