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Benefits of Working Out Together to the Same Songs

Benefits of Working Out Together to the Same Songs

You’re hitting the gym, rocking your way through a killer workout. You have a partner to keep you accountable and to spot your sets. He’s listening to his tunes; you’re listening to yours — with earbuds, of course, because the gym is filled with distractions. If you and your workout buddy sync your tunes, your workout will be more effective and simply more fun.

Workout music helps to put you in the zone, up your effort, keep pace and decrease distractions. By listening to the same song as your workout partner, you can enjoy even more benefits during your gym session.

Match Speed and Tempo

Matching your speed to your workout partner’s can be challenging if you are both listening to music with different beats. Add fast paced-dance songs to your Flo Music app, and you and your buddy will both set the same pace — without disturbing the serenity of Mother Nature or bothering others on the trail or track.

By syncing up with each other through Flo Music’s music sharing app, both you and your friend can program songs into a playlist that plays simultaneously on both of your phones. For example, try an inspirational “Rocky”- type anthem when you are doing sets that require counting and breath control.

Work Harder

Having a workout buddy already gives you motivation to get more out of your workout. Music can push you to keep going as well. Hence, it’s clear that music and a partner, especially a partner that’s listening to the same music, will help you reach that next level.

When you and your partner are moving to the same beat, that cycling session will suddenly last longer. You’ll be able to get more reps during any lift. And your body will see the benefits.

Lift the Mood

Science has long shown the ability of music to make you happier, more focused and more self-aware. As you and your workout friend do your routine, you’ll feel the positive effects of listening to uplifting tunes together, and that will feed into the workout.

As you do pushups, run sprints or lift weights, you’ll notice a mood change. Not only will the workout be more effective at burning muscle and burning calories, you and your partner will also leave the gym happier — and that’s important. That means you’ll continue to come back and work harder.

When you match the intensity of your workout partner, you benefit from a more effective and enjoyable workout. With the Flo Music app, you can listen to the same song at the same time on each of your phones.

Have you tried this with your workout partner? Leave a comment below about your experience!

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