Exploring Ourselves — and Each Other — With the Power of Music

Exploring Ourselves — and Each Other — With the Power of Music

We all know music provides a unique way to express ourselves. By offering a window into the real you, music can give the world a glimpse of your inner psyche and hidden emotions. In much the same way, music can also provide us with a window to our inner selves — selves that might be increasingly concealed by protective layers as the years progress.

By uncovering those hidden emotions and longings, music can help us explore ourselves on a deeper, more intimate level.

Music: A Soundtrack to Your Life

Have you ever realized that your life has a musical soundtrack? It’s true. Each of our lives has its own movie score, made up of songs and melodies that have helped us chart our way. From time to time, these songs reappear to inspire, encourage and enlighten us again — but sometimes, it helps to not only channel them for our own use, but also share them with others.

Just ask Stephanie, a middle-school teacher who juggles a hectic daily schedule. When Stephanie first heard about Flo Music, she immediately recognized its unique potential to help channel her own, life-enforcing musical soundtrack — and then share it with others as the ultimate means of communication. As host of her own Flo, Stephanie created a playlist of the songs that inspired and nourished her daily, then asked her closest friends to join her Flo and share the listening experience. As they listened to Stephanie’s musical soundtrack, they shared a wealth of common memories, experiences and inspirations — and emerged with a deeper understanding of themselves and each other.

The Power of Music Sharing

Jeremy had a similar experience when he created a Flo stream to share with members of his gym class. He wanted to express his goals and aspirations to his buddies — but somehow, words alone seemed to fail him whenever he tried. By channeling his message into music via his musical Flo, he was able to share these feelings in a way that immediately resonated with his friends. In addition, his Flo stream provided a mood-altering lift to the day-to-day grind of a strenuous workout regimen.

Share the Experience with Flo Music

Music sharing is a pivotal part of our development as human beings. Just as our music helped shape us into what we have become (and are still becoming), it can provide us with a deeper understanding of ourselves. With Flo Music, you can take this a step further and bring your friends closer into your world by sharing your personal musical soundtrack. You can use it to inspire and to inform, or just to share out of sheer enjoyment.

How you use it is up to you — but your fellow Flo members will be glad you did.

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