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What’s Their Flo?: Do a little quick research on the music choices for famous gym bods like The Rock or Arnold Schwarzenegger (now or back in the day)… almost like a profile on what music motivates them in the gym.

Anyone who really works out knows that a good playlist has some kind of magic – the right song can be the one and only thing powering you through that last rep. Studies show that music makes physical exertion less tiring, so it’s no surprise that some of the most famous gym bodies can be credited (in part) to a secret arsenal of pump-up playlists. This week, Flo with the titans with five celebrity playlists from a few of our favorite strongmen.

Arnold’s choices are totally camp, but cut him a little slack – it was 1983. The songs are an eclectic mix of funky R&B, 80s rock/pop, and some jazzy tracks that were actually custom-made for Arnold back in the day. The songs on their own are great, but there’s bonus points for anyone who listens to the original album, which has Arnold directing an entire exercise routine in a thick Austrian accent.

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1. “Save The Overtime For Me” – Gladys Knight & The Pips
2. “Don’t Stop Believin'” – Journey
3. “867-5309/Jenny” – Tommy Tutone
4. “Let Your Body Rock” – Champaign
5. “Love Not War” – Michael Case Kissel
6. “Think I’m In Love” – Eddie Money
7. “I’m So Proud” – Deniece Williams
10. “It’s Raining Men” – The Weather Girls
12. “Burning For You” – Blue Oyster Cult|
14. “This will stay on” – Nadav Winehouse

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has an insane fitness regimen, and we applaud anyone who tries to emulate it – this guy wakes up at 4 AM for cardio and eats 10 pounds of food throughout the course of the day. His playlist is full of Rock-certified “bangers” and includes a lot of surprisingly contemporary  chart-topping rappers. Turns out the Rock is pretty cool for a Dad.

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1. “679” – Fetty Wap feat. Remy Boyz
2. “Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)” – Rich Homie Quan
3. “All In a Day’s Work” – Dr. Dre feat. Anderson .Paak & Marsha Ambrosius
4. “One Shot One Kill” – Jon Connor feat. Snoop Dogg
5. “Animals” – Dr. Dre feat. Anderson .Paak
6. “Migos Origin” – Migos
7. “Gangsta Rap” – Migos
8. “Be Like Me” – Gunplay feat. Rick Ross
9. “Tell ‘Em” – Rich Gang feat. Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan

Jay Cutler is a bodybuilder’s bodybuilder. No politics or movies for him – this man is a full-time competitive muscleman. His track record for wins is up there with the likes of Arnold and Franco Columbu”: he’s won the Mr. Olympia competition a whopping four times. According to the man himself, “hardcore, blood-pumpin’” tracks are what gives him the drive to push himself to the limit. On the menu, alternative metal and cocky, aggressive rap.

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1. “No Lie” – 2 Chainz feat. Drake
2. “All Of The Lights” – Kanye West
3. “Crew Love” – Drake
4. “I’ma Boss” – Rick Ross
5. “Pop That” – French Montana feat. Rick Ross, Lil Wayne & Drake
6. “Crawling” – Linkin Park
7. “Big Pimpin’” – Jay Z
8. “California Love” – Tupac & Dr. Dre
9. “Papercut” – Linkin Park
10. “Come Out and Play (Keep ‘Em Separated)” – The Offspring
11. “Walk” – Pantera

4. DR. DRE
A lot of these guys are pumping Dr. Dre while they pump iron – but what does the man himself exercise to? He’s usually out of sight as a producer, so you might not have known this, but Dr. Dre is a serious powerhouse. Surprise! His favorite tracks for the gym include a LOT of his proteges and collaborators.

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1. “‘Til I Collapse” – Eminem & Nate Dogg
2. “POWER” – Kanye West
3. “Doomsday” – NERO
4. “Bring The Pain” – Method Man
5. “Soldier” – Eminem
6. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – Nirvana
7. “WorkinOnIt” – J Dilla
8. “In Da Club” – 50 Cent
9. “Swimming Pools (Drank)” – Kendrick Lamar
10. “Public Service Announcement” – Jay Z

Lebron James has historically goofy music taste and sometimes just can’t help but dance (he spent all of last summer freaking out to Future’s “March Madness”). But his workout playlist – with the possible exception of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” – is full of acceptably serious and hard-hitting hip hop that is sure to get your heart rate up.


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1. “Trap Back Jumpin” – T.I.
2. “Get Right” – Jeezy
3. “I’m Different” – 2 Chainz
4. “Diamonds” – Rihanna
5. “Remember You” – Wiz Khalifa feat. The Weeknd
6. “Clique” – Kanye West, Jay Z, Big Sean
7. “Gone” – Wiz Khalifa
8. “Long Live A$AP” – A$AP Rocky
9. “Still D.R.E” – Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg

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