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How to Use the Flo Music App During Group Yoga Sessions or Meditation

How to Use the Flo Music App During Group Yoga Sessions or Meditation

Are you looking a revolutionary idea that will take your group yoga or meditation sessions to the next level? If so, then the new music sharing app, Flo Music, is perfect for you. This great app will allow your group to channel their concentration through music and create perfect rhythmic synchronicity. Best of all, this app is completely free and it integrates with both SoundCloud and Spotify. Here’s how it works.

Create Your Flo

Once you have downloaded this music sharing app from iTunes or the Apple App Store, your next step is to create a “Flo,” or playlist. As the instructor of the session, you should serve as the host of the Flo. This will give you exclusive rights to invite members of the class to join, pause songs, shuffle the playlist and skip tracks. Now, it’s time to create your “Flo.” Consider the various poses used during your routine when making your playlist selection. You should add a mixture of both slow tempo songs and songs that are more upbeat.

Group Participation

The best thing about Flo Music is that everyone can get involved. Encourage class members to download the app and then invite them to join your specific Flo. This will instantaneously give everyone access to the “Flo” you created for the session. You can also invite your students to add their favorite songs to the list. If you only want to use a specific genre of music during class, be sure to specify this to all group members. Remember that you always have the option of skipping any track that is inappropriate or does not fit into the flow of the class.

Play Options

Headphones in? Surround sound? Quiet listening? Which play option is right for your class? If only a few members of your class will be using Flo Music during the session, placing them strategically around the room will bring the class together. However, if everyone is on board, both using individual headphones and playing their Flo Music quietly beside them work great. The choice is yours. Either way, it will reduce distractions and provide a shared spiritual experience for the entire class.

Are you ready to take your yoga or meditation sessions to the next level? Download the Flo Music app on your phone today and invite others in the class to join you. Up to 10 users can be synced to any “Flo,” which allows everyone to listen to the same music, at the same time. It is easy to use and works with or without WiFi.

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