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The act of sitting down and putting on your headphones can be a ritual, and the experience of immersing yourself completely in a song can be its own meditation. Music has a deep, penetrating impact on the mind, and it is a powerful tool for centering and balancing yourself, alone or in a group. This week’s Flo includes a diverse mix of musicians from all over the planet who all draw on ancient meditative musical styles and give it their own fresh spin.

To get the most out of it, try to concentrate only on the music, allowing your breath to slow down, deepen, and harmonize with the rhythm. Let the sound wash over you – and don’t worry if you start to get absorbed in it, or if it transports you away to some imaginary dreamscape! Music has a great capacity for washing away our worries, and this is a great sign that you’re beginning to release stress. (12)

1. “L’endormie” – Toto Bona Lokua
2. “Baba Hanuman” – Krishna Das
3. “Shanti (Shavasana Dub) Omstrumental” – MC Yogi
4.“Mangalam” – Prem Joshua
5. “Moussoulou” – Oumou Sangare
6. “Emerald and Stone” – Brian Eno
7. “Outbreak of Happiness” – Didjworks
8. “Uno Resuena” – Lulacruza
9. “Warbe” – Ali Farka Toure  & Toumani Diabate
10. “Sarveshaam Mantra” – Deva Premal
11. “Oeillet En Delta” – Marsen Jules
12. “This Barren Land” – Jasper TX

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