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The Effect of Listening to Music on Your Workouts

The Effect of Listening to Music on Your Workouts

Gyms are filled with people listening to music while they exercise. They may not know it, but the music gym-goers choose does more than keep them entertained. By making a high-energy playlist, you can get several benefits that will make it easier for you to reach your exercise goals.

Music Helps You Get into the Groove

Research shows that listening to music before and during exercise helps improve performance. Some medical scientists also believe that listening to music increases the psychological benefits of exercising.

Certain types of music may go well with specific types of exercise. If you plan to go on a fast-paced run, you can get into the groove by listening to music with high beats per minute. The Taylor Swift song “Shake It Off,” for instance, has 160 beats per minute. Songs like that will keep you motivated during your run.

Using a music-sharing app like Flo Music makes it possible for groups to listen to the same songs while they exercise together. That way, everyone can stay at the same tempo instead of speeding up and slowing down independently.

Music Distracts You from Discomfort

Listening to music can help you focus when you’re working, reading or writing papers. It can also help you focus and tune out distractions during your workouts.

When it comes to exercise, it’s your brain that will slow you down more than anything. If you’re focused on discomfort, it’s unlikely you’ll reach your goals. Instead, you’ll imagine you can’t continue. It doesn’t take long before you start to believe the illusion, give up and go home. Music, however, can distract you from your perceived exertion, making it possible for you to keep going without as much discomfort.

Music Can Help You Push Harder

In addition to helping you avoid discomfort, music can help you push harder so you get better results from every workout. Some people like to listen to loud, aggressive music when they’re lifting weights. They may not know it, but that kind of music affects them on mental and physiological levels, making it easier for them to get a few more reps into their sets.

By listening to fast, aggressive music, your body will start to release more adrenaline, which improves your performance. You’ve probably experienced similar effects while driving your car or attending concerts. Use that reaction to keep yourself pumped at the gym.

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