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The Future of Music

A Revolutionary New App that Unites People with the Flo of Music

BREAKING: Music lovers all over the world have a new reason to turn it up with the introduction of Flo Music, an app that is changing the industry. By allowing up to 10 individual users to share one unified playlist, it gives your group of friends a new kind of functionality that’s never been available… until now. Welcome to the future of music.

Flo Music is an app for your phone or music device that allows a Host to download the app, invite friends and family to join your group, and all enjoy a shared music experience. Everyone in the group can add songs to a playlist, but only the Host who initiated the group has the power to skip songs, pause the flo, and approve who joins.    

So what does that mean? It means you can rock out to the same song at the exact same time as your friend halfway across the room. It means you can have 10 people at your party sync up their flo to provide amazing surround sound in every room. It means you can work out with a friend, both with ear buds singing the same damn tune.

The Flo platform integrates with other music apps like Spotify and SoundCloud, so you can easily add songs with just a touch. And even though it performs optimally with WiFi, Flo will temporarily save your songs so you can keep the flo going… no matter where it takes you.

Gone are the days of having to send your friend that new song you just know they’ll love, then never hearing back from them, most likely because they didn’t even listen to it! Now you can rock it out with them and bring the experience to a whole new level.  

Flo music is the easiest, most collaborative way to enjoy your favorite songs together. It has taken the power of music and fused it with a true social aspect, creating an entirely new way to listen, share, and discover. Download Flo now to forever change the way you enjoy music.

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