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The Power of Music in Healing

The Power of Music in Healing

Does music really have the power to heal? Just ask Ashley and the members of her MS (multiple sclerosis) support group.

Twice a week, Ashley hooks up with six of her friends — all fellow MS patients — in a group music therapy session that transcends anything they’ve ever experienced in a traditional physical therapy setting. Since some of her friends have mobility issues, getting together in the same place isn’t a viable option — but thanks to the Flo Music app, Ashley is able to conduct this amazing musical therapy session from the comfort of her own home, while simultaneously connecting to the homes of her six friends.

As Ashley and her friends know, relaxation is pivotal in helping MS patients deal with the disease’s often-painful muscle spasms. Each session, Ashley chooses a playlist of stress-busting music that helps her group relax both mentally and physically as they visualize healing imagery and take deep, diaphragm-relaxing breaths to calm their muscular spasticity. These weekly sessions not only provide valuable relaxation therapy; they also help Ashley and her friends connect in a healthy atmosphere of emotional support.

Music and Healing: A Centuries-Old Combination

For centuries, music has been recognized for its powers to heal, alleviate suffering and promote physical and mental well-being. Today, music therapy is used in the treatment of everything from Alzheimer’s and asthma to Parkinson’s and autism. In addition, music is increasingly used to treat people with speech defects and has become a valuable tool in helping people recover from conditions as diverse as traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

For Byron’s PTSD group, music has become not only a way to connect with fellow PTSD sufferers, but also a way to promote a greater sense of healing. With Flo Music’s music sharing app, Byron and his group can simultaneously experience the relaxing, healing properties of specially selected songs, each from the comfort of his or her own home. As Byron and his friends connect through the power of music, they can also share in a group visualization of wellness — while the shared vibes just seem to get more powerful every session.

The Power of the Flo

Music therapy is a remarkable thing — but it just got kicked up several notches into the 21st century, thanks to the power of music sharing with the Flo Music app. Physical therapy and rehab organizations are discovering that by linking patients into a Flo, they can conduct relaxing, therapeutic rehab sessions with participants across the country via remote access. Likewise, the Flo Music app gives people like Ashley and Byron the ability to host their own musical therapy Flo streams to share amongst friends and fellow patients.

With its unique music sharing capabilities, Flo takes musical therapy out of the clinical setting and into private homes, on a more personal level than ever before. That’s the power of music and healing — and the power of the Flo.

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