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Traditionally, meditation has never been accompanied by music. Most ancient schools actually taught people to seek peaceful bliss within themselves alone, without the aid of a calming soundtrack.

Are you cheating? Don’t worry…it’s only natural. With all the distractions and stresses of today’s world, it’s no wonder that many yogis, meditators and healers have started using music to help make the jump to that place of peacefulness and calm – but the old-school masters would have told you to step away from the iPod. Gurus the world over have always given value to the ability to tune out the outside world and look inside, but many did encourage their students to go deeper by listening very closely to the music of nature, hypnotic group chanting, or the long, echoing sounds of a single, simple instrument. This week’s Flo gives you a taste of some of the “meditation music” that has been used for thousands of years to calm the mind and center the body. (1)


1. “Real Nature (California Beach Waves)” – Beach House
2. “Entrance” – Washed Out
3. “Sketches” – Daniel Lanois
4.“Tibetan Singing Bowls” – Tibetan Singing Bowls
5. “Om Mani” – Lisbeth Scott
6. “Toning” – Steven Halpern
7. “Tibetan Gold” – Steven Halpern
8. “Guru Bandana” – Ali Akbar Khan
9. “Raga Kausi Kanhara” – Ravi Shankar
10. “Zen Beach: Meditative Flute” – Gary Stroutsos
11. “Myst” – Inlakesh12. “Thai Gong for Deep Meditation” – Om Tibetan Relaxation
12.“Thai Gong for Deep Meditation” – Om Tibetan Relaxation

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